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Amygdalin, also known as vitamin B17, can naturally be found in apricot seeds, bitter almonds, and other nuts though at very minimal concentrations. A single seed can contain about 5-10 mg of amygdalin depending on the type of seed. This is a very low concentration of amygdalin and is not enough for the human body to utilize this vitamin.

Due to these very low concentrations, methods have been developed to extract this vitamin and create it into highly concentrated supplements that humans can take to benefit from their natural properties. Consuming apricot seeds or bitter almonds by themselves do not provide the body the necessary dose of amygdalin to receive the benefits of this vitamin, therefore an extraction process is necessary.

This process begins with the collection of apricot seeds or bitter almonds. These seeds are dried for a long period of time and baked at the lowest temperature possible to ensure that the outer shells of these seeds crack and are easier to remove.

The rest of the seed is pulverized and turned into a powder. This powder by itself is not the amygdalin concentrate, it is still simply the pulverized seed. This pulverized seed has a beige or brown color, which is completely different from the clear, white color of the amygdalin extract powder. This is an easy test to determine if you are consuming true amygdalin extract or simply pulverized apricot seed.

Solid Liquid Extraction
Solid liquid extraction
High Performance Liquid Chromatography
High Performance Liquid Chromatography

To extract the vitamin from the pulverized seed, the powder is diluted in a water alcoholic mixture that will allow the vitamin to separate from the rest of the seeds components. This dilution is passed through certain filters for a set period of time until the amygdalin precipitate is separated from the rest of the powder and is settled down.

Once the amygdalin is extracted it is washed with a certain water alcoholic mixture that will allow the creation (in other words, the precipitation) of the dry powder of amygdalin extract. To ensure that this extraction has been done correctly, tests (ex. High Performance Liquid Chromatography) are conducted on these samples to determine the concentration of amygdalin and to determine if this extract can be consumed by humans.

These tests make sure that there is a high enough concentration of amygdalin and that it is safe for human consumption by determining if there is a presence of a pollutant (ex. certain particles from the seed that might have gone through the extraction process). If there is a presence of pollution in the extraction, this product runs through the process again to make sure that all pollutants are eliminated and only the concentrate remains. Once the extract has been approved it is utilized for the creation of supplements.

This powder can be used to create vitamin B17 tablets, capsules and IV solutions that are highly concentrated in this vitamin. By creating these supplements, humans are able to consume the correct amount of amygdalin that will allow them to benefit from all the natural properties that amygdalin possesses. If you have any further questions on the extraction process of amygdalin please call our customer service and they will make sure to answer your questions.

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