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B17 Vitamin 500mg Amygdalin Capsules

500mg Amygdalin Capsules

Price: $81.00

High-dose Amygdalin 500 mg 100 capsules. Bottle with 100ct. All Novodalin products are manufactured following GMP's and Dr. Ernst T. Krebs Jr. genuine method of extraction. Extracted only from bitter raw apricot Seeds.

Novodalin 500mg Capsule Content

  • 500 mg Amygdalin (D-mandelonitrile-beta-D-gentiobioside)
  • 5.05 mg Magnesium Stearate

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Where does Amygdalin comes from?

Our natural b17 supplements come from the apricot. There is a method of extraction called solid-liquid, by using this method the amygdalin inside the seed of the apricot is obtained in its purest form and then made into capsules, tablets or injectables.

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What's vitamin B17

Amygdalin also known as “Vitamin B17” or “amigdalina” is a natural chemical compound found in very small quantities inside the kernel of an apricot. It is also found inside the kernels on many fruits from trees of the prunus species. Due to our modern diets our bodies are facing deficiencies of many nutrients that we used to get from our foods and now we have to provide them with supplements to overcome this problem.

Why take b17 extract

Since the quantity of amygdalin inside the kernel is very small, it is necessary to extract this natural compound from many pounds of apricot kernels and make them into capsule or tablet form, this way you will satisfy your body’s b17 deficiency without consuming lots of apricot kernels a day.

Amygdalin 500mg Capsules Ingredients


Apricot Kernel Extract (amygdalin) 500 mg per Capsule
Magnesium sterate

Suggested Use

Take one (1) capsule daily as a dietary supplement, preferably before meal,
unless otherwise directed.
Do Not exceed six (6) capsules per day.

Caution: Do not exceed recommended dose.
Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18 should consult a healthcare practitioner before using this or any dietary supplement.

Supplements Facts

Serving size 1 tablet Serving per container: 100
Amount per serving %DV
Calories 12.495 KJ *
Total carbohydrates 0.019 g *
Protein 0.112 g *
Lipids 0.273 g *
Sodium 0 g *

* Percent daily value (DV) based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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